Resources/Laboratory available in the entity

Description of Facilities Unit Existing/
1.      Science Lab 2 Chemistry lab,

Physics lab, and

Math simulation lab

These labs are equipped for conducting undergraduate/graduate  experiments
2.      Engineering Workshop 1 Drilling m/c: 5

Lathe m/c: 26

Milling m/c: 4

Grinding m/c:3

Shaper m/c: 7

3.      Medical lab 1 Microscope:2

Centrifuge mc/: 2

Haemoglob-ino meter: 1

Auto analyzer:1

ECG m/c: 1

Conducting research by undergraduate and postgraduate students
4.      Agricultural Lab/Field centers N/A
5.      Veterinary/Fisheries Lab N/A
6.      Chemicals/ Biochemical Lab N/A
7.      Computer Lab 12 Desktop and laptop, Multi

media, Internet/Wi-Fi connectivity

8.      Qualified/Trained Supervisors 20
9.      Qualified/Skilled  Science Lab Technicians 25
10.  Engineering Machine/Instruments Operator 20
11.  Medical Equipment/ Instrument Technician 3
12.  Other Skilled Technicians/Support Staff 10
13.  Please attach a list of state-of-the art scientific equipment in use in the entity’s lab N/A
14.  Any Fab Lab equipment as mentioned in section 1.2.2& 1.12.1 of FLOM 1 CNC machine This machine is being used in workshop
15.  *Engineering Lab 30 Machine lab, electronic lab, VLSI lab, circuit design lab, software engineering lab, robotics lab, multimedia lab, AutoCAD lab etc. Uses for undergraduate sessional courses