Fab Lab shares the same objectives and benefits that have been already defined above for the overall implementation of the Innovation Fund, which are to:

• Make university research both innovative and relevant at the same time;
• Create conditions in universities for undertaking researches whose products/processes can be commercialized;
• Incentivize researchers to search and identify potential industries who would become partner in a joint research work for developing a product that can be commercialized;
• Create conducive environment for increasing inter-university, university-local community, and university-industry collaboration;
• Develop a culture of multi-disciplinary and global collaboration for innovation;
• Promote innovation, STEAM education, and entrepreneurship among students, faculties, and local communities;
• Provide the university students and the faculty with access to the sophisticated technologies through Fab Lab; and
• Provide access to the innovators those will be interested to transform their ideas into a prototype and test commercial viability.